Ananth Kumar Hegde embarrasses BJP leadership again

A file photo of Ananth Kumar Hegde

Union Minister of States for Skill Development Anath Kumar Hegde touched a new low in using invective on Monday.

Addressing a gathering in his hometown Sirsi recently, he hit out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi for doubting the Balakot airstrikes by saying, “How did you, a son of a Muslim father and Christian mother became, a Gandhi and a Brahmin.”

It may be recalled that a priest at Pushkar temple in Rajasthan had claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s gotra was ‘Duttatreya’ and he was a Kashmiri Brahmin.

Ananth Kumar Hegde is known for his rabble rousing speeches and invective against opponents, which have left the top leadership of his party, BJP, in embarrassment on many an occasion.

Sometimes back, his statement that a hand that “touches a Hindu girl’s body should not be there” went viral, raising a controversy.


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