Five positives of Tejasvi Surya’s candidacy from Bangalore South

Tejaswi Surya

The announcement of Tejasvi Surya’s candidacy for the Bangalore South parliamentary constituency past midnight on Monday may have disappointed a section of BJP supporters, who were rooting for Tejaswini Ananth Kumar. Undoubtedly, she would be a deserving candidate to fill the seat that was held by her late husband since 1996.

But this young hunk, Tejasvi Surya, scores high on five counts, which makes him a truly apt pick.

His induction into national politics will induce a much required fresh air in the national polity.

His communication skills can help strengthen the southern voice in Delhi. He can be made the first spokesperson of the BJP from Karnataka (who knows).

He is young and can learn to shape his oratory skills to deliver speeches with facts and strong messages without making them rabble rousing.

He can learn many things from people like Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitely, by being in Delhi when they are around.

His stint with legal practice (he is an advocate in Karnataka High Court) will help him charter a path in conformity with the Constitution, unlike some BJP firebrand leaders who often jump off the mark.

Tejasvi Surya is already the general secretary of Karnataka BJP’s youth wing and part of BJP’s national social media team. By winning the Bangalore South seat in the general elections, he is destined to soar high.  All the best for the young politician.


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