Know how your phone is working against you


Image by natureaddict from Pixabay 

If you love to maintain a high energy level so that you can be highly productive, you better minimise your interaction with your smart phone.

Researchers in Queensland University of Technology in Australia have found that more and more people are blaming their mobile phones for increased sleep loss, increased body pain and decreased productivity, as compared to the finding of a similar study 13 years ago.

The research findings revealed on Tuesday states 24% women and 15% men Australia find the issue problematic, which the research team termed as “technoference”.

According to the study, technoference negatively affect the day-time functions of mobile users.  And younger lots suffer more from this phenomenon (nearly 41% of youth between 18 and 24), perhaps in proportion to the level of their smart phone use.

Hence, the wisdom dictates the need for finding ways to cut down our time with the device.


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