The mystery of IT raids on Kumaraswamy’s aides’ properties

HD Kumaraswamy (Image credit: Rediffmail)

Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday predicts that Income Tax  (IT) officials are going to ride the properties of his supporters by next morning. He even puts the number of officials to be involved in the raids (250-300) to be carried out with the help of CRPF personnel.

Kumaraswamy calls it a politically motivated move by the BJP-led central government to trouble the JDS and warns of a Mamata Banerjee-like protest against the Centre. Kumaraswamy even says he got the information from a person, close to him, in the BJP.

Come Thursday, Kumaraswamy’s prediction turns out to be 100% true. IT officials ride several places in Hassan, Mysore, and Mandya.

Soon Kumaraswamy puts out a tweet calling the raids a ‘real surgical strike’ by PM Narendra Modi. He also accused BR Balakrishna, DGIT (Investigation) in charge of Karnataka and Goa of taking this step in lieu of a Constitutional post promised by the Modi government.

Meanwhile, a woman who refuses to reveal her identity (but for her claim that she belongs to JDS) appears on television and claims that it was a JDS worker from Nelamangala who disbursed the news about IT raids in advance (and not a BJP man as claimed by the chief minister.) “All credit should go to him. No amount of gratitude is enough to thank him,” she gushes.

And JDS-Congress seizes the opportunity to put up a grand show of “protest”. Yes, the whole episode looks dramatic, and perhaps staged.

Now, the questions before laymen are:

  • Why does the IT department leak its plan first and then carries out raids?
  • If it genuinely intends to seize unaccounted money, why can’t the department plug holes within?
  • Why does the IT act to the script played out on TV in advance?
  • Can IT raids be more transparent? Can IT officials immediately display the seized stuff? Why don’t the public get to know what transpires during IT raids?
  • Why does a common find it difficult to believe that the IT department is not working hand in glove with the JDS-Congress government?

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