Fashion show cancelled in Jamia Millia for being un-Islamic

Representational image (Credit: pixabay)

Jamia Millia Islamia’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) had to cancel a fashion show on the university campus recently in New Delhi. The show was called off on Saturday, March 30, following protest by a group of 12 students, who termed the event as un-Islamic.

The show, titled ‘Tarz e Libas’, was part of FET’s annual festival ‘Xtacy’. Earlier, the group had tried to persuade the organisers to call off the event, but in vain. Then they protested outside the venue Saturday morning, and eventually succeeded in getting it nixed.

According to Indian Express, Arshad Warsi, a member of Students of Jamia said: “Every university has its own tehzeeb. Our culture is based on Islamic values. We told the organisers that foreign cultures should not be promoted”.

At the same time, The Times of India quoted the organisers as saying, “We were threatened by these students, who acted like they were guardians of faith and Jamia culture. The university has seen such several events in the past. But there was never any such protest. They wanted to make a political statement…”

Jamia Millia Islamia was founded by prominent Muslim leaders in 1920 to promote progressive education, nationalist ideals, indigenous ethos and spirit of plurality. It was made a Central University in 1988 by the Parliament under the Jamia Millia Islamia Act.


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