IT raids and wads of cash stash ahead of voting dates


Currency stash found during IT raids (Image: Twitter)

The Income Tax (IT) department once again unearthed huge stash of unaccounted money on Sunday, raiding 50 places in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. The locations are said to belong to people Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath.

The homes of Praveen Kakkar in Indore and Rajendra Kumar Miglani in Delhi were among the properties raided. Kakkar and Miglani were appointed Kamal Nath’s private secretary (Officer on Special Duty) and advisor, respectively, after he took charge as chief minister of Madhya Pradesh last year. But both of them had resigned their posts soon after elections were announced for Lok Sabha last month.

According to sources the raid unearthed Rs. 9 crore stash.

The department has been carrying out raids across the country to check the movement of unaccounted money, to be used to bribe voters, when the voting days are around the corner.

On March 28, raids on properties linked to JDS and Congress leaders in Karnatka had prompted chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and his Cabinet colleagues to hold a protest in front of the IT office in Bengaluru. However, sources claimed more than Rs 10 crore unaccounted cash and documents for misappropriation in the public works department were confiscated during the raids.

On April 3, raids in the Vellore district in Tamil Nadu unearthed Rs 11.48 crore cash. A couple of days ago in Andhra Pradesh, chief minister Chandrababu Naidu had sat on a protest against raids on leaders of his party, TDP.  He accused the Modi government of ordering these raids.

“They conducted similar I-T raids in Tamil Nadu before elections. The result was that rivals got more majority than Jayalalitha. IT raids on DK Siva Kumar in Karnataka saw BJP lose face. Similar raids on Delhi CM Kejriwal and his associates saw BJP lose popularity. Similar raids on Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh saw BJP suffer defeat in Gorakhpur,” Chandrababu Naidu is quoted as saying.

Should the IT department display whatever is seized immediately after the raid to come clean of such allegations?


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