Who killed the man who had won paternity suit against ND Tiwari?

Rohit Tiwari
Rohit Shakhar Tiwari (right) with his father and mother (Image credit: Twitter)

On April 17, Max Hospital in Delhi received an emergency call from the residence of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari at 04:41 in the afternoon. Following which an ambulance brought Tiwari to hospital, which declared him ‘’brought dead’’.

Later, the autopsy report showed it was an unnatural death caused by smothering. Subsequently, Delhi Police filed a case of murder against unknown persons and the crime branch has taken over the investigation.

The case is set to fuel curiosity and as to who may have killed him, because of his unusual but a gritty  story about truth and public honour.

In 2008, Rohit Shekhar Tiwari had filed a paternity suit claiming ND Tiwari, a senior Congress leader, as his biological father.

ND Tiwari was no ordinary citizen. He was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for three terms and Uttarakhand for one term, as well as the governor of Andhra Pradesh between 2007 and 2009.

The court ordered a DNA test in 2012, which confirmed Rohit’s claim. And finally in 2014, the 88-year-old ND Tiwari married Rohit’s mother Ujwala. (His first wife had died way back in 1991). Both mother and son Rohit Shekhar got the surname Tiwari.

Rohit Shekhar Tiwari was a lawyer by profession. He was also a legal adviser to former Utter Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav between 2015 and 2017.

Later, he was staying with ND Tiwari until the latter’s death in October 2018. According to reports, he was recently in talks with the Congress to join the party, claiming it was his “home”.

But now he is dead (or rather murdered as police say) and survived by his wife and mother. Who killed Rohit Shekhar Tiwari? This question is likely to haunt the minds of the public in the days to come, until the mystery is solved.


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