Mystery over 1.5 lakh missing Bengaluru voters from electoral roll

Representational image (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The three Lok Sabha seats in Bengaluru City have registered the lowest voting percentages among the 14 constituencies that went to polls on April 18 in the ongoing general election. While other seats registered healthy voting percentages of above 75%, Bengaluru South, Bengaluru North, and Bengaluru Central had polled less than 60%.

Though the voters of the city, the home to large number of IT professionals, were mocked for their lack enthusiasm in voting, now it has emerged that eligible voters in large numbers could not exercise their franchise because their names were just not there on the voters’ list when they went for voting.

Prahallad PS, a college teacher has approached the Election Commission with a written complaint stating that over 1,50,000 names, seemingly favourable to a particular political party, have been deleted from the voters’ list in the city. Prahallad has argued that the deletion in such large numbers could affect the results.

Now the State Election Commission has ordered an enquiry, though the Chief Election Officer Sanjiv Kumar has said that prime facie there was summary deletion of voters’ names this year and every deletion was based on an application. Now the District Election Officer has been asked to look into the matter and submit a report within a week.

Will a true picture of missing names of city voters emerge after a week?


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