When newly bought Vivo phone exploded in bike rider’s pocket

Image credit: freepick

Now every single person with a smart phone in his or her hand is a videographer, and most do not want to miss an opportunity to shoot if they come across something unusual. But sometimes, their zeal to capture such events makes them blind to the humanitarian need of the moment. A recent incident, in which a newly bought Vivo mobile phone exploded in the pocket of the owner, is a case in point.

The 25-year-old Gangadhar was headed to Srinivasapura, his hometown about 90 kms from Bengaluru on his motorbike. He was eager to cast his vote in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections on April 18. In the middle of the ride, a woman who was waiting for bus, requested him for a drop to a village on the way to his hometown. Gangadhar agreed and the woman hopped onto the pillion of his bike.

As the duo was proceeding on the road, the mobile phone kept in Gangadhar’s trouser pocket suddenly went off with a bang.  As he lost his control, the bike fell down along with him and the pillion rider.

The incident left him seriously injured on the road, while the woman, who sustained minor injuries, literally escaped by taking a lift with some other rider.

And the onlookers, instead of attending to the man, who was crying for help, got busy video recording of the burning phone.

Fortunately, two friends of Gangadhar were passing by the spot on a motorbike. They called an ambulance and took him to hospital where he was admitted in an ICU.

OF course, representatives of Vivo phone company visited him in hospital and assured him that they would bear the medical expenses. For, Gangadhar had bought the phone just a day before it exploded.

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