Exercise at this time to get maximum benefit

Image credit: freepick

Exercise is beneficial to both body and mind is a given. But exercising at the right time of the day amplifies the benefits. This is the new finding of a study, published in the journal, Cell Metabolism.

The study finds correlation between the timing and metabolism mechanism. It discovered the difference in the metabolism in mice during exercise in different times of the day.  According to Prof Paolo Sassone-Corsi who led the research, exercising around mid-morning helps get more oxygen in the cells and bring more rejuvenating effect on the body.

“Exercise stimulates metabolism, leading to the improvement of metabolic health. While the metabolic benefits from exercise have been extensively uncovered, the question of when it is appropriate to exercise has remained virtually unexplored,” Sassone-Corsi states.

He says the findings of the new study “clearly indicate that time-of-day is a critical factor in amplifying the beneficial impact of exercise on both metabolic pathways within skeletal muscle and systemic energy homeostasis.”

The findings are expected to greatly benefit patients with metabolic disorders, receiving chronobiology based exercise therapy.

So block this time, mid-morning, exclusively for exercise and get that extra high.


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