Justice Arun Mishra lashes out at rich and powerful who try to influence SC

Supreme Court of India

Justice Arun Mishra of the Supreme Court on April 25 issued a strong warning to those, who want to manipulate the judicial system with money or muscle power.

Justice Mishra, who heads the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court to probe the charge of a “larger conspiracy to frame Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi”, delivered the warning while hearing the affidavit filed by Utsav Bains.

Justice Mishra’s statements seem to have perfectly summed up the situation concerning the Indian judicial system in general and the top court in particular.

“So many things are going on! There are serious allegations that need to be probed. The Supreme Court cannot be run by money power or political power. We are in anguish as to how it is being treated in the last three-four years…

“So many things have not come out so far. Nobody knows the truth! The people of this country must know the truth! This cannot go on like that…Remote control? This organisation, that organisation? This control, that control? Letter-writing in pending matters? The powerful of the country feel they can run the country?…

“People are trying to manage the registry by money power. When somebody tries to improve things, he is killed… maligned… If you take an action, we will malign you worse…

“The day has come when we have to rise and tell the rich and powerful that you can’t do this. You are playing with fire. We don’t want to take names but everybody tries to influence every time there is a big matter. Letters are written in pending matters. Books are printed. And these are people for whom senior advocates are appearing. Whenever big persons are involved, this happens in this court,” Justice Mishra said.

Incidentally, a former Supreme Court judge had levelled bench-fixing charges against the then CJI Deepak Misra. Also social activist Prashant Bhushan had filed a petition seeking a change in CJI’s role as “master of roaster” in 2018. Also there was an impeachment attempt against CJI Misra in Parliament for taking up the case of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babrimasjid for hearing.

“The petitions scandalised this great institution. The damage has already been done. Everybody is doubting the Supreme Court that too, merely on the basis of rumours spread. How do we repair this damage?” Justic Mishra had asked in 2018 too.


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