PM Modi biopic: 10 dialogues that EC found objectionable

A poster of ‘PM Narendra Modi’  showing Vivek Oberoi as Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Supreme Court of India will decide on April 26 whether or not people can watch PM Narendra Modi, a biopic on the prime minister, when the Lok Sabha elections are still on. The decision could be based on the report of the Election Commission as the SC had sought it, though the poll body had already banned the release of the movie during elections.

All the same, EC officials once again watched the biopic and have submitted the report on April 22. According to media reports, the EC has termed the biopic as hagiography as it is riddled with dialogues, symbols and presentations that eulogize the prime minister Narendra Modi.

Here are 10 such dialogues, which the EC found as helping construct a saintly cult figure of prime minister Modi:

  1. Modi (played by Vivek Oberoi): Rashtravaad hi meri sampatti hai, janta hi mera dhan hai… sar uthega Tirange ke liye, awaaz uthegi awaam ke liye (Nationalism is all that I have ammassed and the people are the wealth I have… I’ll raise my head for the tricolour and I’ll raise my voice for the common people).”
  2. Modi (Vivek Oberoi): Chawaalis saalon se ye baatein hi kiye jaa rahe hain. Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin mante. Seedha chetawani do Pakistan ko ki Kashmir chhodo varna hum tumhe tod denge (They have only been only talking for the past 44 years. But only talks won’t work. Give a direct warning to Pakistan that it should leave Kashmir or else we will break them).
  3. An Indian Army Major: Apni toh bas ek hi baat hai ki ek din ek sachha mard Dilli ki kursi par baithe. Jis din usne hamare haath khol diye, un saalon ke ghar main ghus kar unhain maarenge (I wish one day a real man occupies the seat of power in Delhi. When that man gives us a free hand, we’ll sneak into their homes and hit them).
  4. Minister: Haan pagal ho gaya hoon aur mujhe pagal banaya Modi ne. Na khata hai, na khane deta hai. Na sota hai, na sone deta hai. (Yes, I’ve become crazy and it’s Modi who made me crazy. He doesn’t take bribe nor does he allow others to. He doesn’t sleep and doesn’t let others to).
  5. Leader1: Gujarat ki in seats main hum kaise haare? Woh to minorities dominated seats thi (How did we lose these seats in Gujarat? They were, after all, dominated by the minorities).
  6. Leader2: Yes ma’am, ab toh pushtaini vote bank bhi uske saath mein ho gayi (Yes ma’am, now even your old vote bank has gone with them).
  7. Leader3: Kar kaise raha hai? I am confused (How it is being done? I am confused).
  8. Leader1: Simple, Modi changed the political formula of the game – from divide and rule to unite and rule.”
  9. Modi: Pakistan ko janm kisne diya? 1947 main akhand Bharat ke tukde-tukde kis party ne kiye? Agar Nehru ji ki jagah Sardar Patel PM hote, toh na hum Cheen ki ladaai haarte, na aadha Kashmir Pakistan ke pass hota, aur na hi aatankwaad ki wajah se humare veer sipahiyon ke dar sarhad pe katate (Who gave birth to Pakistan? Which party broke our undivided country into pieces in 1947? If instead of Nehru, Sardar Patel was the PM, neither would we have lost the war with China nor would we have let Pakistan take half of Kashmir away, nor would our brave soldiers have lost their lives to terrorism).
  10. Pakistan Army Major: Gazab ka junoon hai iski aankh main. Agar Modi jeeta toh Pakistan ko hara dega. (There’s an amazing passion in his eyes. If Modi wins, he will defeat Pakistan).

The EC has opined that such dialogues could disrupt the level-playing field in the current Lok Sabha elections. But don’t’ they all sound too stale to tilt the voter’s mind?

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