Suicide bombing kills ‘lovers’ in Kerala

Image credit: freepick

When the images of the horrific suicide bombings in Sri Lanka are still fresh in the peoples’ minds, a rather bizarre incident of suicide bombing has taken place in Wayanad district in Kerala, killing a couple who were allegedly in love.

On April 26, 45-year-old man Benny went to the house of Amala, with his body fastened with a country-made bomb. As soon as he met the woman on the verandah he hugged her and detonated the bomb. Both of them were killed in the blast, but Amala’s 3-year-old daughter, who was in the house at the time, escaped unhurt. The police are investigating the case.

According to media reports Benny, a furniture shop owner and a much married man, was in a relationship with the 38-year-old Amala, who was married to one Nasar.  The two families were close to each other, but no was aware of the relationship between the two.

Apart from the three-year-old, Amala had also two other daughters, aged 16 and 17. Both of them were not present at house when the incident took place. On hearing the blast sound, a neighbour reached the spot to witness the scattered body parts and alerted the police.

Perhaps, this is the first suicide attack used against love. Was it a death pact?


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