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Cricket above nation


Opinions are divided on whether or not India should keep playing cricket with Pakistan no matter what. When “boycott Pakistan on all fronts” is turning into a war cry  after dastardly terror attack on CRPF jawans in Pulwama, even fans and cricketing legends are lending their voice in support of this outcry. But some legends are worried about conceding two points to Pakistani team by not playing them in the world Cup later due this year. By doing so they are putting cricket above everything else in this country, notwithstanding their claims that nation comes first for them too.

Some opinion makers and award-winning journalists are also arguing that political grievance should not affect sporting ties. This is when we all know that South Africa was kept out of global sports over racism for years. One of their juvenile arguments is one should make distinction between Pakistan establishment and common citizens. According to them citizens of both countries should continue to bond with each other on sports and cultural fronts while the establishment across the border keep inflicting thousand and more cuts all over on this side.

These peaceniks may well make note of it that the millions of people enraged by Pakistan sponsored terrorism include those unconnected to security personnel. But they are feeling the grief of the kin of the deceased. Why such feeling eludes these cricketing legends and opinion makers?


Are some sportsmen unable to see beyond their games?

Isn’t the country bigger than all sports put together? Then why some sports persons including legends whining about conceding two points to Pakistan if India decides not to play Pak team in the cricket world cup? (Photo Courtesy: Financial Express).

Like Sunil Gavaskar, Master blaster and cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar says he personally hates conceding two points to Pakistan, but insist that he would back any decision taken by the government.

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