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Now, Congress discovers terrorists’ names in ‘Modi’

Pawan Khera
Pawan Khera, Congress Spokesperson

During a live television debate on Saturday, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said that the last name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood for Masood (Azhar), Osama (Bin Laden), Dawood (Ibrahim) and ISI (Pakistan’s Inter Services).

The bizarre statement drew jeers from the audience that erupted with a ‘shame, shame’ cry.  Later it led to the top trending hash tag #ShameOnCongress Sunday morning.

Click here for the video, put out on Twitter

Last month, Pawan Khera had made another outlandish statement about Prime Minister Modi.

Mocking a campaign slogan of the BJP, which says “If there is Modi, it is possible”, Khera said he heard that Modi would get a diamond facial costing Rs 8 lakh every morning and eats mushroom costing Rs 80,000 a kilo.

“If it is Modi, it is possible,” he said turning the slogan on its head.


Polls 2019: AAP succeeds in sealing pact with Congress

Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal

Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have reportedly come together to fight the seven Lok Sabah seats in Delhi. The two parties entered into an agreement on Saturday, a week after Delhi Congress chief Sheila Dikshit ruled out any pact with the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP.

Both the parties will contest three seats each and field a joint candidate in the seventh seat. Currently, all the seats are held by the BJP.

The development came after Congress’ Delhi in-charge PC Chacko’s intervention. It is also reported that Congress had sought the opinion of party workers about the alliance with AAP to which the majority of them responded positively.

Earlier, AAP had repeatedly requested the Congress for alliance ‘to defeat the BJP’. AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had gone public with his frustration saying he was tired of waiting for Congress’s response. This had prompted a build up of pressure on the Congress as displayed on media that Congress’s reluctance to tie up with APP would only help the BJP.

However, the alliance between the two parties is limited to Delhi alone, the sources said.