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Read this sane voice on Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh
Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh

Bollywood movie Kabir Singh is in the eye of a storm of some self righteous activists. Despite being a massive success in the box office, some feminists and film critics are bashing the movie and questioning the responsibility of the lead actor Shahid Kapoor for portraying a flawed character. These so called champions of “freedom of expression” argue that this film has no right to exist, as though no film that featured negative characters has been made in India.

Finally somebody in the mainstream media has stood up and offered the most sane and logical explanation in favour of the movie. An article appeared in The Federal, and reproduced in  Firstpost questions the rational behind such criticism.  Author Sandipan Sharma wrote:

“Many films have shown flawed characters — both male and female — in the past without being reviled and ridiculed. In Sholay, Dharmendra — an alcoholic with a criminal past — was persistent in his pursuit of Basanti. We loved him. In Darr, Shah Rukh Khan was obsessed with Kiran. We loved him and actually rooted for him. In Badla, Tapsi Pannu goes on a murder spree to hide an extra-marital affair. We endured her. And in Andhadhun, Tabu is as vile and toxic as a serpent. Yet, we found her intriguing and entertaining. What then is wrong with watching Kabir Singh?’

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