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India chooses NDA again with thumping majority; 10 reasons behind stunning victory

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah (Image: Twitter)

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, the ruling National Democratic alliance (NDA) has come back to power with a greater verdict compared to 2014. The NDA has won over 350 out of 542 Parliamentary seats that went for polls for the 17th Lok Sabha. His party, the BJP, has won over 300 seats, 30 above the magic number needed to form government.

In contrast, main Opposition party, the Congress, could increase its tallies of 2014 polls only by handful of seats (from 44 to 52).  The party president Rahul Gandhi lost his seat Amethi, a family bastion, in Uttar Pradesh though won the second seat, Wayanad, from Kerala.

The results affirmed PM Modi’s claim a day after the final phase of polling that his party as well as all alliance  partners in the NDA would return with more number seats than in 2014 elections.

The marathon polling exercise was carried out between April 11 and May 19 in 7 phases, while the counting of votes were counted on May 23.

Political pundits list the following reasons for the stunning victory for the BJP-led NDA:

  • Decisive leadership and clean image of Narendra Modi
  • Welfare schemes and Direct Transfer of cash into beneficiaries’ accounts
  • Surgical strike and Balakot airstrike in response to terror attacks
  • Improved relations with other countries which helped isolate Pakistan, vis-à-vis terrorism, on the world stage
  • Amicable poll pacts with alliance partners stitched by BJP president Amit Shah
  • Effective poll strategy by Amith Shah with a focus on seats where the BJP was in the second place in 2014 elections in states like Odisha and West Bengal.
  • Abusive campaign against PM Modi by Opposition leaders, particularly Rahul Gandhi (with slogans like Chowkidar chor hai)
  • Personal ambitions of regional satraps, which came in the way of stitching a dominant alliance
  • Voters’ fear of a ragtag bunch coming to power, leading to political instability
  • Modi’s ability to convey the message and strike a chord with people

Unemployment highest in 45 years? False, says Adi Godrej

Adi Godrej
Adi Godrej (Image credit: Celebrity family)

In January this year, someone in National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) leaked a draft report on employment. The report, which was said to be incomplete and unapproved by the authorised person, claimed unemployment rate at 6.1% was highest in 45 years. Ever since, there has been persistent perception building exercises by Opposition parties and left-leaning intelligentsia in India that millions of young cannot find job.

The report proved to be a handy tool to flog the Narendra-Modi government with in the election season. Pollsters gauged the mood of the nation and put out the trends of falling popularity of Prime Minsiter Modi.

After Pulwama terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir and the subsequent airstrike by the Indian Airforce on terrorist camps in Pakistan in February, the mood of the nation changed and the popularity trends sharply reversed, said pollsters.

However, the left leaning intelligentsia is urging the opposition parties to bring back the job narrative into their poll campaign ahead of the April-May general elections. What is more, they themselves are seen in meet ups in college and university campuses and raising the issue of job.

Then, what is the truth about job?

A report put out by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) on March 8 said job creation in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is up by 14% in the past four years with creation of 13.5 million to 14.9 million new jobs.

Today, liveMint has published an interview of Adi Godrej, the chairman of Godrej Groups. He rubbishes the NSSO data and the sorry picture on job front is a perception created by the Opposition. Otherwise, India would not be the fastest growing economy in the world, he says.

Click this link to read the full interview.