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This is why self-blame is bad for your mental health

Image credit: katemangostar@freepick

Are you in the habit of blaming yourself when things go wrong? Do you always think it is your responsibility to see that everything is fine around you? Chances are you are suffering with a mental condition called obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

A study conducted by Dr Yoshinori Sugiura from the department of behavioral sciences at the Hiroshima University in Japan finds people with OCD torture themselves with constant negative thinking, while those with GAD are always anxious and worry for everything. The findigns are published in International Journal of Cognitive Therapy.

It is found that an inflated sense of responsibility as the root cause of the problem. Termed as “inflated responsibility”, this attitude manifests in the behaviour of blaming oneself for negative outcomes, feeling responsible for preventing harm, and the having sense of responsibility to continue thinking about a problem. The first two patterns put the person at risk of developing OCD and GAD.

The solution lies in realising that “inflated responsibility” is working behind our worry. When we realise this, it will create some space between responsibility thinking and our behaviour. And it will help snap the pattern.

Hence, if you start blaming yourself for something that went wrong, chill out. See if there is a sense of inflated responsibility ingrained in your mind.