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Childhood stress may cause premature aging, up disease risk

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The style of parenting is known to have lasting impacts on offspring. If a child grows up feeling loved and supported, he or she becomes loving and secure in his/her own skin later in life and vice versa.  Now a recent study says unsupportive parenting style may have biological implications, such as premature aging and higher risks of diseases, as well.

The study published in the journal, Biological Psychology, found that the end of DNA strands of those, who believed their mothers’ parenting style was “cold”, had 25% smaller protective caps (telomeres), compared to that of those who considered their mothers as “warm”. Telomeres are measurable biomarker of cellular aging.

According to lead author of the study Raymond Knutsen, “as early life stress increases, telomeres shorten and the risk of a host of diseases increases, as well as premature death.”

Knutsen, who is Associate Professor at Loma Linda University School of Public Health in the US, remarks that the way one is raised is seemingly intertwined with their genetics.