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Tsss, Robert Vadra tweets with Paraguay flag

Image credit: Twitter

In a massive embarrassment to the Congress party, especially to its General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, her husband Robert Vadra on April 12 posted a selfie with inked finger along with the flag of Paraguay on Twitter, after casting his vote in Delhi.

Clearly he wanted to put out the Indian flag while encouraging people to step out and vote in the 6th phase of polling in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

It seems Robert Gandhi failed to differentiate between the flags of India and Paraguay in his hurry to tweet his inked finger, as both are similarly designed with bands of three colours, but with some distinctive differences. Indian flag has tricolours of orange, white and green from top to bottom, with Ashoka Chakra (wheel) in the middle. However, Paraguay’s flag consists of triband of red-white-blue from top to bottom with the national emblem centered on the white band.

The gaffe did not go unnoticed by the twitterati as Paraguay started trending on top on the social media platform. Later Robert Vadra put out a corrected tweet, adding a Hindi version. However, the damage had been done as his original tweet was retweeted thousands of times with jokes by then.

Labelled as Damadshri of Congress party (son-in-law of Congress Party) by the BJP, Robert Vadra has expressed his desire to join active politics on several occasions. His wife Priyanka Gandhi was formally inducted into the Congress as General Secretary a few months back and given the charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh to prepare the party for the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

During the campaign, Priyanka has been singularly targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She had even hinted at her willingness to contest from Varanasi Lok Sabah seat against Modi. But the Congress ended up fielding another candidate, apparently perceiving certain defeat for the party in Varanasi.


Snakes charm Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, but she violated model code?

Priyanka snake
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra seen holding a snake (Image credit: Twitter)

Snakes evoke different emotions in different people. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, though, exhibited her love for the slithery reptile during her campaign in Rae Bareli on May 2.

The videos showing her fiddling with cobras with ease, while interacting with a few snake charmers have gone viral. Though the sight comes across as a refreshing diversion from the high voltage rhetorical poll campaign scenes, Priyanka may have violated model code that prohibits the use of animals while campaigning.

At the same time PETA also has raised objection, saying it (Priyanka playing with snakes) amounts to violation of Wild Life Protection act.

It remains to be seen whether or not any actions would be taken against Priyanka  Gandhi Vadra over her snake act.

She was campaigning for her mother Sonia Gandhi, the Congress candidate for Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat that goes to the polls on May 6.

Here is the video tweeted by new agency ANI.